Chefchaouen Blog – 28 March 2011

Chefchaouen alley e1301411707258 1024x972 Chefchaouen Blog   28 March 2011If you have ever been to Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains of Morocco, I am sure you will agree that it is one of the prettiest,  friendliest, safest  and most charming towns in Northern Morocco.  It is definitely one of my favourite locations in Morocco as a whole.

So imagine how shocked and disappointed I was to see that Channel 4’s “Coach Trip” only got as far as the very outskirts of the town before declaring it a ‘building site’, and turning the bus around and returning to Tangiers!  What a terrible shame that they had not driven on for another half a mile, and discovered the beautiful little gem that is the real Chefchaouen.

Morocco is not a 1st world country, and unfortunately there are many dilapidated buildings in varying states of disrepair, wherever you travel in Morocco.  You have to look past the tatty edges to find the beauty and charm beneath, and surely Brendan Sheerin should have known better than to run screaming at the first sight of a little roadside rubble.  So much for 30 years experience as a travel guide – it sounds to me like he has never left the comfort of Europe before!

The moral of this story?  Do not use the misinformation of celebrity TV presenters with weak stomachs, poor research assistants and limited or non-existent knowledge.  Talk to us instead about the very Best of Morocco, use our extensive knowledge and experience, and depend on our ability to guide and assist you in booking an authentic holiday to see the real Morocco.

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